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Laser Hair Reduction

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Birthmark Reduction

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Skin Tags / Wart / Mole Removal

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I was suffering from acne for a very long time which lowered my confidence. I tried everything and even took treatments from various clinics but the results were not satisfactory. Then 9 months back, I came across Dr. Chhabra’s SkinLife Clinic and cherished my right decision. At first, the doctor prescribed me medicine, crèmes and face wash only. The frequency of my acne visibly reduced. During my final phase of treatment I opted for laser treatment. I am really happy with the results and would highly recommend getting treatments at Dr. Chhabra’s SkinLife Clinic.

Pratima Saxena, working


I have been struggling from excessive hair growth on my face; even my side locks were fully-covered with them. It became really frustrating when my friends started mocking me too and even worse when they suggested me to use a razor. This led to depression. But then I did my research and decided to opt for a treatment. It’s been a year since I am getting my problem treated and I am really happy. The doctors at SkinLife are extremely caring. They clearly explained and gave me a fair idea on the procedure which really helped me and boosted my confidence. I have experienced 80% of positive results which are quite visible. Overall I am really happy with my right decision of getting treated at Dr. Chhabra’s Skinlife Clinic.

Astha Sharma, working